Yamaha G29/Drive 2007-Up Golf Cart 48 Volt 17 Amp DPI Charger GEN IV

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Yamaha G29 Drive 2007 Up Golf Cart 48 Volt 17 Amp Dpi Charger Gen Iv

Yamaha Drive 2007 Up Golf Charger 1

Specifications: Large Analog meter with 5-L.E.D Display No Spark Charging, Reverse Battery Protection Accusense-Charge Series High-Reliability Economy Series (Generation IV model) Multi Stage Charging Algorithm Pre-Qualification Test Stage tests the condition of the battery and prepares battery with a specialized Test Charge Algorithm to prepare battery pack for fast charge. Up to 17 A Output Fast charge to quickly replenish 80% capacity Cell-Balancing. The Equalization Stage balances battery cells and increases charged capacity to near 100% DPI's computational algorithm computes the precise amount of Top-Off Charge which brings the battery to 100% state of charge. Automatic A.C. Disconnection / Reconnection after charger has finished charging conserves energy while continuing to monitor and trickle charge battery pack Periodical Auto-Restart, when batteries are left in storage, assures battery pack is ready to go at the start of the season. Patent Pending Selector allows user to charge most every lead-acid battery type 32 Charge modes available via user accessible switch. Large and Small Capacity Battery Flooded, AGM, Sealed Multi-Chemistry UL/CSA Listed CEC Compliant Designed/Made In USA 31lbs (14kgs), 6.25x6.875x10.25in (159x175x260mm)

- 48Vdc, 17Adc Output, 120 Vac 60 Hz Input Golf Cart Charger
- Universal IEC Input Connector with A.C. Line 'Power-Good' and Disruption Green/Red L.E.D Indicator
- UL/CSA Listed Rated BC
- Output Connector Type: Yamaha G29 (Leaf) Style Connector
- Comes with Relay for Energy Savings

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  • 	Ryan 	Brown
    04 December, 2019

    Ryan Brown

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    08 December, 2019

    Owen Taylor

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  • 	Patrick 	Smith
    04 December, 2019

    Patrick Smith

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  • 	Jayden 	Miller
    04 December, 2019

    Jayden Miller

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  • 	Mitchell 	Thompson
    07 December, 2019

    Mitchell Thompson

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Customer Reviews

Yamaha G29/Drive 2007-Up Golf Cart 48 Volt 17 Amp DPI Charger GEN IV
starstarstarstarstar-none 4.0 out of 5 stars
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