30Mpa Oil Water Separator PCP Air Compressor 4500Psi Air Filter L350mm OD50mm (Air filter)

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30mpa Oil Water Separator Pcp Air Compressor 4500psi Air Filter L350mm Od50mm Air Filter

Separator Compressor 4500psi Filter L350mm 1Separator Compressor 4500psi Filter L350mm 2Separator Compressor 4500psi Filter L350mm 3Separator Compressor 4500psi Filter L350mm 4Separator Compressor 4500psi Filter L350mm 5Separator Compressor 4500psi Filter L350mm 6Separator Compressor 4500psi Filter L350mm 7Separator Compressor 4500psi Filter L350mm 8

It typically used with a high-pressure air compressor for drying air and adsorbing odors.

❤It adsorbs oil, water and odour in high pressure air, about 90-95% of water and oil can be filtered out .
❤Safe and durable to use because of quality and thickened space aluminum casing
❤With triple filtration of moisture proof beads, the activated carbon adsorption odour.
❤Big size can be use for a long time, no need to change the element frequently.
❤Compatible with many kinds of air pump and so on.

Housing material:quality Space aluminum
Size: 50mm*350mm (OD*length)
Soft pipe length: 50cm
Hydra press measurement: 50Mpa
Air inlet connector: 8mm fast male
Air outlet connector: 8mm fast female
Filter element material: moisture proof beads, molecular sieves and activated carbon
Element lifetime:about 40*6.8L gas.

Packing list
1 PC Air filter
1 PC Spare filter element
1 PC Soft Pipe with 8mm female connector
Some spare sealing parts
Note: the goods maybe opened and inspected by customs

- ❤Applicable to all air pumps, pumps, and ultra-strong filters on the market. Space aluminum is mainly used, and the surface is golden anodized. About 90-95% of water and oil can be filtered out.
- ❤Integral molding, material safety. Contains: molecular race filter oil and water; activated carbon filter odor; moisture-proof beads filter water. And passed 50Mpa high voltage test.
- ❤The 2-head M10 * 1 female connector makes it easy for you to disassemble without wasting time; the 2-head M10 * 1 is the same as the new one for years.
- ❤Ultra-strong filtering of oil and water, does not corrode the container; longer and thicker container, oil and water separation up to 99%
- ❤One year warranty. Free set of filter cotton, can be recycled. Filter life: 40 bottles of 6.8 liters of high-pressure gas can be produced.

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  • 	Caleb 	Moore
    31 May, 2020

    Caleb Moore

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    02 June, 2020

    Daniel Wilson

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    03 June, 2020

    Jonathan White

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  • 	Luke 	Robinson
    02 June, 2020

    Luke Robinson

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  • 	Justin 	Thompson
    03 June, 2020

    Justin Thompson

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Customer Reviews

30Mpa Oil Water Separator PCP Air Compressor 4500Psi Air Filter L350mm OD50mm (Air filter)
starstarstarstarstar-half 4.8 out of 5 stars
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