DocaDisc 30PC - 2 inch Roloc Sanding Disc Mixed Pack // Surface Conditioning Discs // Roloc Disc/Air Grinder Disc for Surface prep, Paint Stripping, Grinding & Finishing (Course/Medium/Fine)

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Docadisc 30pc 2 Inch Roloc Sanding Disc Mixed Pack Surface Conditioning Discs Roloc Disc Air Grinder Disc For Surface Prep Paint Stripping Grinding Finishing Course Medium Fine

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This 30 piece variety pack of DocaDisc 2" surface conditioning discs contains the following:

10 course grit discs (brown)
10 medium grit discs (red)
10 fine grit discs (blue)

Each surface conditioning disc has a 2 inch diameter and attaches to a roloc disc pad holder or shank (sold separately), which can be used with an air die grinder or drill, depending on the users preference.

DocaDisc roll lock discs are made of an aluminum oxide abrasive, chosen for its durability, superior cut-rate, and low heat retention. The self-fracturing mineral continually splits during use, exposing new cutting edges to maximize sustained peak cutting. The abrasive is incorporated into open web, non-woven fibers to diminish heat retention and ensure the disc runs cool, reducing the risk of discoloration or warping.

DocaDisc roloc sanding discs were extensively tested for effectiveness and durability to ensure superior customer value. We guarantee you'll be happy with your DocaDisc purchase.

- HIGH PERFORMANCE aggressive cutting abrasive discs for surface conditioning and prep, paint and rust removal, sanding, cleaning, grinding, stripping, deburring, polishing, finishing, gasket removal, self-sharpening, scruff blending, and sticker and adhesive removal
- SUPERIOR DURABILITY with aluminum oxide non-woven, open web abrasive material which enables cool disc running and reduces the risk of heat induced warping and discoloration - each roloc disc meets the highest durability standards for roloc sanding discs and other 2 inch grinding discs and pads
- OPTIMAL DESIGN conformable material preserves irregular and uneven surfaces, and the compact 2 inch size enables easy detail work in tighter contoured areas while still providing sufficient coverage area to handle larger surfaces; extensively tested against competitor discs to ensure optimal quality and superior customer value
- SIMPLE AND SEAMLESS USE supported by the quick-change roll lock backing enables aggressive cutting and fast, seamless disc changing to ensure project continuity and consistent finishing
- WIDE APPLICATIONS for use on stainless steel, alloys, non-ferrous materials, plastics, and fiberglass; useful for auto body and automotive work, such as rotor finishing, and on motorcycles, boats, die casting parts, bicycle parts, machinery, knives, and many other items

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DocaDisc 30PC - 2 inch Roloc Sanding Disc Mixed Pack // Surface Conditioning Discs // Roloc Disc/Air Grinder Disc for Surface prep, Paint Stripping, Grinding & Finishing (Course/Medium/Fine)
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