Electric PCP Air Compressor Pump - 4500 PSI/30 MPa /300 BAR - Pressure Customized - Adjustable Control with Auto-Stop - Fill Paintball and SCUBA Tanks - Pressure and Leakage Testing

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Electric Pcp Air Compressor Pump 4500 Psi 30 Mpa 300 Bar Pressure Customized Adjustable Control With Auto Stop Fill Paintball And Scuba Tanks Pressure And Leakage Testing

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Never worry about the fill level of your PCP tanks again. When your tanks fall to around 2000 PSI, those runs to the SCUBA shop to have them topped off (at the full price for filling an empty tank) can be a real nuisance. As long as you have a typical single-phase 110V outlet available, you will have all of your compressed air needs covered at home. Just pre-set the desired pressure, prepare the cooling system, and monitor the pump as your tanks are quickly and safely refilled to capacity for ready use whenever you need them.

This long-lasting compressor will serve your PCP air needs for years to come. You may buy many more paintball guns, airsoft equipment, or new SCUBA gear through the years, but the Hiram Electric PCP Air Compressor Pump will be the only purchase you need to keep your equipment supplied with filed PCP tanks.

Important Reminders:

1. This compressor and pump is ONLY compatible with ISO VG46 or AW 46 oil. Use of improper oil will damage the unit. Always monitor oil levels and do not attempt disassembly of oil-cooled components.
2. This compressor and pump should not be used in excessively humid spaces or near any flammable material.
3. Your 110V outlet should be rated to handle over 8 amps of current in order to prevent any damage.
4. This unit produces a good deal of heat. Avoid contact with the compressor head after use.
5. The compressor will automatically stop when the pre-set pressure is reached, but you should monitor the pump at all times when it is in operation.
6. The engine oil should be changed regularly; monitor the oil level and color regularly.

Package List

1x Instructions
1x Water Pump
2x Water Pipe
2x Pressure Relief Screw
1x High-Pressure Hose (with connecting nut)
1x Breath Nozzle
2x Accessories Kit (including extra parts, filter and sealing ring for separator)

- POWERFUL - This compressor produces high pressure quickly and efficiently with maximum pressures of 4500 PSI / 30 MPa / 300BAR. The portable unit weighs in at 18kg / 40 lbs and runs on a standard 110V outlet, pulling around 8 amps. The water-cooled compressor charges quickly at 50 L/min.
- MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - This pump is perfect for all Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) compressed air needs. Quickly and safely fill all the tanks used with paintball and airsoft equipment, unlocking the capabilities of the finest sports equipment. Refill SCUBA tanks and rescue equipment at home and avoid SCUBA shop expenses. The pump also serves other PCP needs such as firefighting, pressure- and leakage-testing, and automotive uses.
- ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE - This pump is designed for superior ease of use. Set the desired pressure needed for the tank being filled and let the machine do its work. The pump will automatically stop when the pre-set pressure is reached. The maximum pre-set pressure is 30 MPa, and any pressure under the maximum can be pre-set for each tank to be filled.
- COOLING SYSTEM - The pump is designed with a self-contained water cooling system and its system temperature is monitored by a battery-powered digital thermometer. You will prepare the cooling water to be used by the system in a bucket that the unit will draw from and return water to for cooling and recirculation. Always monitor the temperature display and water supply when using the pump to avoid overheating.
- SPECIFICATIONS - Runs on standard 110V 60Hz single phase outlet, powered at 1.80 KW, Working Capacity: 50 L/min, Alloy construction, Charging rate: 40-50 L/min, 1.5 - 1.8 cfm; Pressure indicated by gauge, Uses lubricating oil ISO VG46 or AW 46, 360mm x 200mm x 380mm, weight 18 kg, noise less than 78 dB, air hose connector 8 mm quick-connect fitting, One Year Warranty

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Electric PCP Air Compressor Pump - 4500 PSI/30 MPa /300 BAR - Pressure Customized - Adjustable Control with Auto-Stop - Fill Paintball and SCUBA Tanks - Pressure and Leakage Testing
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