Modbath 6 Inch Square Shower Drain with Drain Base Flange 2" Outlet, Brushed Stainless Steel Finished Quadrate Floor Drain for Bathroom with Tile Insert Cover, Hair Strainer, Threaded Adapter

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Modbath 6 Inch Square Shower Drain With Drain Base Flange 2 Outlet Brushed Stainless Steel Finished Quadrate Floor Drain For Bathroom With Tile Insert Cover Hair Strainer Threaded Adapter

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6-INCH Square Shower Drain with Base Flange and 2-in-1 Cover
The shower drain comes with a base flange, no need to purchase separately when installing, fit standard U.S. plumbing connection.
2-in-1 drain cover meets most customers visual needs for the shower room. Both hidden and modern are very popular designs.

The floor drain is made of 304 stainless steel which is away from rust and corrosion, supplies a durable working life.
Barrier Free:
Shower drain 6-inch tile insert cover allows placing matching tile as need, separate dry area and wet area.
V Slope Profile:
Strengthens the flow capability, even for a big shower head, and virtually eliminates water remaining in the channel.
Two removable debris catcher could prevent clogging, easily collect hair and pet hair, one of the most frequent and expressive problems in any home.

1 x 6" Square Shower Drain
1 x 2" PVC Drain Base: apply for connecting the waste pipe and floor drain
1 x Threaded Adapter: used to install the drain to flange, helps to adjust the height.
2 x Hair Strainer: help to catch the hair during the shower, preventing pipe clogs.
1 x Lifting Hook: assists with grate removal.
1 x Installation Guide: help to guide how to install the shower drain, make the installation easily.

Home: Bathroom, Kitchen, Pool, Balconies
Commercial: Hospital, Hotel, Gym, Spa, Office Building

About Modbath
Modbath is a professional manufacturer of sanitary products. Our company has professional factories and experienced product designers. Our products have rigorous quality checks before selling. Your satisfaction with our products is our greatest motivation.
Continuous improvement and continuous updating are our company's permanent mission.

- SIZE: 6-INCH SQUARE SHOWER DRAIN. 6" x 6" floor drain kit with flange base. Central water outlet 2" to fits base flange, offers 30 L/min High Flow Capability even for a large shower head.
- MATERIAL: AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL. Professional brushed 304 stainless steel and brushed steel finished prevent corrosion and rust, supply a durable working life. With CUPC Certified.
- INSTALLATION: DOUBLE USE OF DRAIN COVER. Tile insert grate offers a seamless look and flat cover looks more modern. Package includes base flange, hair strainer, threaded adapter, hook. Fits US NO HUB Drain Base System.
- ADVANTAGE: FLANGE BASE and DOUBLE HAIR STRAINER. Hair catcher basket collects more hair and pet hair without affecting water flow. Hair filter offers the highest flow capability. Double strainer strengthens water drainage.
- APPLICATION: MULTI-USAGES for HOME. Used for shower room, kitchens, balconies, pet bathrooms. We provide a 2-YEAR WARRANTY. Please contact us feel free if you have any concerns.

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Modbath 6 Inch Square Shower Drain with Drain Base Flange 2" Outlet, Brushed Stainless Steel Finished Quadrate Floor Drain for Bathroom with Tile Insert Cover, Hair Strainer, Threaded Adapter
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